Thanks for stopping by! I'm Bryn, jack of all trades, master of none, and lover of stories.

I've found there's nothing better than curling up to a thrilling bookish adventure filled with fantastical worlds, wit, banter, a dash of sweet romance, and of course, spine-tingling villains thwarting our heroes at every turn.

These are the stories that stick with me, the ones that I add with abandon to the balancing act that is my bookshelves and the kind that I've been writing for over a decade. 


If you love the vast world building of Brandon Sanderson, the epic adventures of Michael J Sullivan, the satire/dark comedy of Terry Prachett, and the inspirational themes of Nadine Brandes, I think we will be great friends! (okay, add the sloth-like slowness of Patrick Rothfuss and we've pretty much covered me as a writer).

My current project is the Spectrum Duology, an epic fantasy where nightmares are real, wishes require a life, and it's tale told around the fireside that are the cruelest masters of all. It's GOT (without the gag) meets Caraval. Stay tuned! One prequel Dawnsong is already available with another on the way to you soon!



Bryn Shutt is a 30something jack of all trades and master of none. After graduating from university in the course of study that required the least amount of term papers (accounting), Bryn went to work in the publishing industry (nonfiction).

Currently, she is the director of an internationally recognized company in VA. She is also a medieval history consultant, general neat freak, and sinner saved by God's grace. She lives with her husband and animal kingdom in the Blue Ridge Mountains where she juggles a day job, the writerly nightlife, and an intense study to become fluent in K-dramas (that counts as bilingual, right?).